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2007-2008: I've been a co-developer of the National Discovery Museum in Bangkok, Thailand - a new history museum that uses story, games and other interactives to bring the past to the present. Opens publicly April 9th.
... Past
December 11th: "From Gadget to Art" Lecture at Waseda University, Tokyo.
December 7th-30th: "Footprints" will be exhibited as part of "Connected", Art Center Nabi, Seoul, Korea.
October 15th: "Footprints" wins Grand Prize in the Mobile Asia Wireless Art Competition.
November 16th - December 10th: "Local Channels" will be exhibited as part of "I've Been Waiting For You", Triad Gallery, Seoul, Korea.
October 25th-27th: "Commpose" exhibition and presentation at DIME'06 - Rangsit University, Bangkok, Thailand.
October 10th-31st: "F A B R I C A: Open Your Eyes" at Centre Pompidou, Paris, France.
August 1st: Rewarded with the Emerging Arists' Grant by the Canada Council for the Arts for 'The Gadget Maker'.
May 21st: "WhereTheHeartIs" presented at Future Fashion Event, Pisa, Italy.
May 13th - July 9th: Communication Mods exhibition, Toronto, Canada.